Jaime Romero is a Colombian composer and classical guitar player based in Houston, Texas. His compositional style bridges together all aspects of his life – from his background in chemical engineering, to his passion for photography, Jaime Romero’s music is complex and harmonically rich.

As a student, Jaime Romero studied with Maestro Gentil Montaña and attended workshops with Eduardo Fernández, Enrique Madriguera and Manuel López Ramos. His compositions have been published by Richard Stover as well as played by international guitar artists such as Carlos Barbosa-Lima, William Feasley, Goldspiel-Provost Classical Guitar Duo, Alturas Dúo, Miguel Bonachea and Alberto Morelli among others.

Jaime Romero is one the most important and prolific composers for classical guitar. From an early age, he showed a strong inclination for the guitar, and began to develop works for guitar solos, duets, trios, quartets, quintets, as well as for the typical Colombian trio.​

His melodies and particular harmonic treatment, merging complex structures such as counterpoint, fugue and the rhythmical elements of his native Colombia, have had great impact among the most important guitar players in the world. His compositions are played worldwide.

In 2013, he received the “Colombian Pride” award in Texas, because of his contributions in the fine arts field, along with three top people in the areas of medicine, science and politics. In 2005, he was elected as the best teacher in Harris County, nominated as the “Teacher of the Year”, and awarded by Mrs. Barbara Bush.


Jaime Romero has the most extensive collection of classical guitar waltzes, encompassing a set titled “12 Colombian Valses for Guitar Solo” commissioned and dedicated to Spanish icon, Maestro Gabriel Esaterellas.
Regionally, ​Jaime’s compositions have participated in festivals such as the Latin American Music Festival at Texas Christian University and Keowee Chamber Music Festival in North Carolina.

​Romero’s repertoire is vast, encompassing more than fifty pieces written in different formats for guitar (such as solo guitar, duets, trios and quartets), accessible etudes for students, as well as settings for string ensemble, band, symphonic orchestra and choir. Additonally, Jaime Romero’s compositions have been featured in theatrical productions and television.


Jaime Romero has won Eight (7) national prizes as composer and guitar player in the following national contests:
These are another awards received in his musical career: